About Us

Cowgirl Wear's Story


Over 20 years ago, we started offering value priced, great designed, western accessories to the customers that celebrate the history and spirit of our great nation.

Our cowgirl customers are mothers who raise strong children working in the communities, sisters who pioneer and push boundaries, and wives who harbor and protect the traditions of the great American western lifestyle. It has been our honor to serve those cowgirls with products that delight.

The vision of the new extension of our product line is to create, to enhance and to provide the best-valued western fashion apparel and accessories to our cowgirl customers.

While we have always been focused on western trends for most of our company’s history, we acknowledge that cowgirl fashion evolves and expands. Just as this great country is a melting pot of cultures, western fashion has become a melting pot of trends and lifestyles.

To support this expanding product offering, we have created COWGIRLWEAR.COM. A multi faceted website that not only showcases all our amazing western collections, but supports our cowgirl customer with suggestions, advice, trends, and all things cowgirl.

We hope you enjoy the COWGIRLWEAR.COM website. It was developed with the spirit of the cowgirl, and everything that is available to support the western lifestyle.